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STE Karaoke

For fun and excitement at your next event, corporate party, or even a weeknight at your favorite tavern, nothing beats Karaoke with Scott Thomas Enterprises! Our Karaoke hosts are second to none. They're energetic and entertaining, and are always happy to be doing a show. We carry one of the largest selections of Karaoke songs anywhere. With over 20,000 tracks available, you're sure to find just the right tune to croon!

Unlike most Karaoke services, we are not hobbyists, nor are we a "booking agency" . We are professionals with professional equipment and a huge selection of music. All of our Karaoke hosts are in-house employees of Scott Thomas Enterprises, and have been trained by the company, so you are assured of quality, dedication, assistance and genuine entertainment with every Karaoke show! That's the STE difference! 

Private Parties

We are also available for private parties

Scott Thomas On You-tube

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